Thankful Thoughts

As the holidays approach I wanted to express a few thoughts. I find it hard to believe it has been 5 ½ years since our brother Chuck passed away. Since that time, Barb and I have done our best to make Fairway Leathers a company Chuck would be proud of. I genuinely believe we have done that.

The year 2020 has been a real challenge for everyone. I never would have thought we all would be dealing with a virus that has changed the country and world forever. I think of all the small businesses who have lost everything and may never come back. It is truly a shame all the hard work those folks have put in is now gone. Thankfully, Fairway Leathers is weathering the storm.

I look through our wonderful reviews from our treasured clients and I noticed my name is mentioned quite a lot. I truly do appreciate that; I have done my absolute best to make sure I design a product our clients can be proud of. I know I am proud to help them.

This Thanksgiving I really think it is time to say thank you to the person I think is the most important person to Fairway Leathers. Fairway Leathers would truly not be where we are today without this person. The person I am speaking of is my sister Barb. Barb is truly the rock of our little company. She works tirelessly perfecting our product. Her attention to details is second to none. Barb in my opinion is the one who deserves the most of credit. I cannot even begin to count the hours she works to make sure each cover is completed to a standard of quality unmatched by anyone.

Barb, thank you for all you do. It is because of you Fairway Leathers is where it is today. I genuinely appreciate you.

Jeff Kendall


Fairway Leathers